Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When you

live in a rural area like we do you have to be prepared for anything. The police and fire dept are a long ways away. Thats why I keep several bats handy!!



Not sure if I posted this before but here is the sunset at the Caughey compound:

Below are shots of the new irrigation system that cost all of $30 to install:






Everything in the courtyard now has a "drip of life" to get it through the summer months.

Over the last few days Karen has worked her ASS off hauling nearly 6 tons of rock into the courtyard and spreading it out.

Here is Carly. No doubt thinking "Here he goes again!"


My rose bush is budding despite the 110F heat!


Karens new friend. A mister from Home Depot. It works pretty well on those really hot days.

IMG_3151One of our cactus plants.

Carly sporting her new haircut!

Location of the new pool! Also to be known as Lake Caughey!

It has been VERY hot here this past week. 110F-114F....and humid. Its going to cool off next week though...down to 108F or so.....



Lauren said...

Yeah, this heat has been BAKING us alive! And I know we're only at the beginning of the "hot part" of our first summer in the Southwest.

BTW, your backyard is really looking great!


Rob said...

Yeah it was pretty hot then. When we first moved here in 2007 there was a heat wave. It would reach 115F. When my brother went to carry in our TV it burned his hands, he had to come in to get gloves! As I write this it has cooled to highs near 103F to 105F. Not so bad. My friend back east responed to that post saying where he lived it was 100F with 98% humidity....and it was not raining. He lives in South Carolina. So I guess we can't complain too much!

Rob said...

BTW Thanks for the comments on the yard. we have been working VERY hard trying to make it better.

Lauren said...

Haha it's true - I would happily choose a 100 degree day in Pahrump over a sweaty humid 90 degree day in Ohio, where I grew up.

BTW, I made a post on my blog about why I like wordpress better... My thoughts in it are a little jumbled because I wrote it in somewhat of a hurry (there's never enough time in a day for everything that needs doing!), but I hope I ended up writing something that might be useful to you. :-)

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