Sunday, July 12, 2009

Its a dogs life

Over the last two days we have allowed Pooh, Tigger and Carly out into the "big" yard. Because of the Foxtail we were reluctant to do so, but part of the reason we liked this house was because of the big fenced in yard. Plus we now have a better idea of what to look for and we do "Foxtail" checks when they come inside. Much like we used to do "tick" checks as a little kid living in North Carolina.

it doesn't take long for Pooh and Tigger to tire of being outside. Tigger is the first to want back into the air conditioning. Pooh will hang out a bit longer but Carly has to be drug inside!


She absolutely loves it out in the big yard. She sniffs every square inch of it to see what shes been missing.


Today we are expected to hit 104F, and 108F in Vegas. Its not too bad until about 2PM-5PM. Earlier or later and it is pretty nice out.

This is Carly barking out one of the "gun holes" in our front wall. Its a good thing she isn't much into jumping! Tigger is too scared to jump through it, and we all know, Pooh would never fit, but don't tell Karen I said that its too hot to sleep in the garage!

Our Pomeganate tree is doing very well. Soon I will pick a few to try. I didn't realize that they are what I used to call "Indian Apples". Our tree is loaded with them!

This poor picture is one of the bats that flies around in the evening. They are very hard to capture because of their erratic flight pattern, and the fact that they only come out at dusk.

This is a Night Hawk. They are also difficult to capture for the same reasons that a
bat is. they have a very erratic flight pattern and only fly at dusk. They are easily identified by the white bands on the outer edges of the wings.

There are some other larger birds that fly by our house almost daily but I haven't been able to identify them yet. They resemble a raptor of some sort, but they usually fly in a group as large a 7 birds. Since raptors are solitary, I'm not sure what to make of them yet, but I will figure it out eventually.

This is a Mud Dauber. It is a wasp of sorts. Unlike a yellow jacket or a hornet, they are not aggressive. Even when provoked they are not likely to sting. He has been cruising around our pad, no doubt in search of a residence since they only use nests abandoned by other wasps.


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