Saturday, July 4, 2009


is one of the houses that was constructed out of the same brick that ours was.
From what we have learned, the person who owned the brick factory in Pahrump built 5 or 6 of these type homes believing that they would be very energy efficient due to the near 12 or so inch brick walls. We have located 2 additional homes constructed like ours so far.
These home owners are apparently in the process of fixing theirs up also.

Tom and Betty had their yard worked on Friday. The leveled out high/low spots, removed rocks and weeds from the yard.
you can definately tell this is not sand. After the work was done their yard was like the moon. The dirt/silt here is like moon dust. Once you break the crusty top of it anyways. So we took our hose and sprinkler to them to use for a bit. This was in an attempt to prevent theor yard from blowing away.
When wet, this silt sticks to everything.

Toms shoes used to be dark brown.

Here you can see Tom adjusting the sprinkler.




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