Thursday, July 30, 2009

Might be my next one

Stoeger 12Ga. Stagecoach Gun, originally uploaded by nyctreeman -.

A stainless steal stage coach gun. I know someone who has one and its a beauty! Right now I only have 1 gun. I'm gun poor and cash I hope to eventually have a small collection of handguns and a shotgun or two. Karen cannot physically use the handgun we have now, so I need something else. The only thing she could to with the gun we have now is beat someone to death with it.

I'm leaning towards a pump shotgun but I don't think she would like a 12 gauge after the first shot. Likely I will be looking for a 16 or 20 gauge. Something she will not be afraid of after the first shot. To criminals, shotguns are VERY intimidating weapons.

I will also be switching the ammo in my baby Glock now that I live in a brick house in a rural town. While residing in Vegas I used "safety" ammo that was designed to barely penetrate a standard drywall constructed wall. Now living in a house with 18" brick walls with neighbors fairly far away, over penetration is less of a concern. I will be switching to something with more of a punch to it.

I really do not prefer the 9mm because to me, unless you are in law enforcement, you cannot get a really good defense round for it. They are known for their over penetration. I've seen photographs of people(high on drugs) shot 32 times with a 9mm before they went down! Many of these shots were chest shots that with another round would have likely been fatal. For this reason I want a .357 revolver. Its trusty. Simple. and easy to use. It also has, or did have, the highest percentage of any handgun round for stopping people with one shot! It has been around for many, many years and has been proven a very effective cartridge. Soon hopefully


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