Thursday, July 9, 2009

International Space Station

flew by my house tonight. Here are some photos of it.


It looked like an airplane flying by, except that it had no flashing lights at all. It was cool to see.

Thanks to Lauren for bringing it to my attention. You can go to the NASA Human Space Flight page to see if and when it will be visible in your area.



Lauren said...

I'm so happy I could help inspire you to take some pictures of the space station! We only got to see it at night, so it's neat to see in your pictures what it looks like during the day as well. BTW, I've been enjoying reading back through your blog the last couple of days. You take great pictures, and have a fun sense of humor.

Maybe one of these days we can figure out a way to meet in person, seeing as we live in the same little wild west town!

Rob said...

Thanks. That was actually taken when it was dark, just a very long exposure. 30 seconds I think.

Lauren said...

Oh awesome... The sky looks so blue! I did wonder a little why I could see so many stars in your sky. :-) My pics were only about a 10 second exposure, I think. I'm still in the process of learning all about how to use our camera.

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