Friday, July 17, 2009

Good Enough

I suppose, since I earn my living as a mechanic, I could be referred to as a "professional". But let me assure you I use that word loosely. But, having used both Snap-On, Craftsman, and others, I feel I have a valid opinion on them.

Snap-On makes an excellent tool. The quallity in terms of durability, accuracy, or any other measure, is un surpassed. They offer a lifetime gauruntee. Basically, it is unsurpassed. Indeed, in my opinion, there are times that you can acomplish things with a Snap-On tool that you could not with the same tool from Craftsman, or some other off brand.

Yet, I do not own any Snap-On tools!

The reason is VALUE. A given set of wrenches costs $250 from Snap-On. The same set from another company costs $50. Is the Sanp-On set better? You bet! But 99.9999% of the time you will never notice because your cheap set is "good enough" to do what needs to be done. When its not "good enough" you can figure out other ways to accomplish the same thing.

That said, I'm not un familliar with the phrase "knuckle buster". That refers to a tool thaqt is soooo cheap it is garunteed to slip or break and bust your knuckle. That is why I generally buy Craftsman.

Craftsman has decent quality, and a lifetime gauruntee. I have had Snap-On refuse a warranty claim before. Craftsman never even asks questions. They only tell you what is available to replace your broken tool.


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