Friday, July 17, 2009

A busy week

last week was very busy. I had the on call phone, and it never seemed to stop ringing! On the plus side, I will have a nice check next week. I worked Saturday and Sunday. Then until 8PM on Thursday and 5AM(I had to wake up at 3:40AM for that) until 2PM. It was a loooong week. In addition, the A/C on my car was not working. Just in time for the 113F heat here in Vegas.

This weekend I don't have the phone so no one can make me work this weekend....except for Tom and Betty who just had 10 tons of rock delivered to their house.........I don't mind though, at least I can take a beer break....even if its 8:30AM!

When we first moved here I looked forward to going to work so I could get a break and relax!!!

Things have changed from what "must be", like fixing the toilet, or opening the water valve all of the what "could be". All of the fires have been put out.

Karens mind wanders to thoughts of what color rock to put down where? Can we get a small swing for the front side of the house?


My mind wanders to thoughts of running a water line to the front yard? What will it cost to run 220 to the 2nd garage? Can I do it by myself?

Our neighbor told us Home Depot was having a big sale this weekend!!!


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