Thursday, July 30, 2009

More politics

I might as well get it all out.......for now.....

President Obama is being criticized for his vacation plans for this year...even though he is PAYING for them himself!!

It is reminiscent of liberals complaining about President Bush spending "too much" time at the Western White House......

Does anyone think the President ever get a vacation???? Ever???? Maybe after they are no longer President!!

It wasn't for nothing that they called President Bush's ranch in Waco Texas the "Western White House"!

Each of these men have had or do have the most difficult job in the world! They would have been and will be lucky to carve out a few hours to themselves and their families during their "vacation"!

To me it is STUPID for Republicans to make pointless, un-important, political attacks against President Obama when they were enraged about the same types of attacks leveled against President Bush!

President Obama's policies give the opportunity to show REAL disagreement on POLICY, not politics!


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