Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm on the way to the hospital

to get a blood infusion. I've bitten my tongue so many times I'm low on blood. I try not to make this blog political, people that know me know where I stand, but damn.

First I'll say that I did not vote for Obama yet he is, for better or worse, my President. I had hoped he would campaign from the left(as he did) and lead from the middle somewhere(he is not, at least domestically)

NPL shoot.

His health care imitative is just un real. Its not really his though, he has turned that job over to Congress.

Only one action would convince me that this "plan" was a good plan.

Only one, very simple action would convince me to fully support this initiative.

And this one action would save the government money.

That action would be for ALL federal employees to be put in the plan also.
From the President down to the lowliest janitor in some long ago forgotten federal agency.

I mean if its so good for the American People, it should be good enough for Federal Employees who are, by definition, our employees. Have you ever worked at a place where the workers had better insurance than the employees? Me neither.....

President Obama was asked this exact question. His response was to try and say he was giving the American People the same thing that Federal Employees have, then he tried to blend this with Medicare saying that its just like Medicare, in fact its just like what federal employees have....government provided health care.

Does anyone really believe that????? If you do, wouldn't it be easier for the government to open up the plans to all Americans? Ain't going to happen!

Itroducing a "Public" option is a horrible idea. It will not be long until the government begins to subsidize this "Public" plan to the dis advantage of every other insurer out there. Soon the "Public" option will be the only one available.

So how do you get more health care for less money? How does that work?
President Obama want us to think we can achieve that through efficiency.
Their is no doubt a ton of money to be saved from efficiency, but not enough to pay for this plan.

And why are unions exempt from this "reform"??? The UAW, SEIU among others...I wonder why? Payback???

And this very complex(1,600 pages or so) "reform" has to be done by August??? Sorry, I'm tired of Congress not reading laws they pass!!!!

Our health care system is far from perfect, but when I look around I don't see anything better.

I do not like "pre existing condition" being excluded but it is a necessary evil. Otherwise people would only get insurance when they were sick. You can't get sick and then go buy insurance just like you can't crash your car and then go buy auto insurance. So the only real way to get rid of "pre existing conditions" is to require everyone to have health insurance.

As long as were on cars and health insurance....
Everyone knows they are at risk of getting sick. Pneumonia, flue, colds etc. These are minor ailments. Sort of like maintenance items much like changing the oil in your car is a maintenance item. Imagine what car insurance would cost if it insured against needing an oil change or a car wash!

Indeed, if the insurance workings of cars and health care were interchanged, this debate would be about the cost of car insurance!

Insurance is to mitigate a risk. How risky is a cold? Or a twisted ankle? or a fever over a short time? The normal, routine illnesses that come from being alive. The risk is infinitesimal.

My health insurance is a Health Savings Account. To me it is perfect. I put money, albeit tax free, away in a savings account every payday.I can go to ANY doctor, anywhere in the world! I have a debit card I use to pay the bill. I use that card to pay for all prescriptions and tests also. I can use it to pay fom many maedical related things that insurance will never pay for, like asprin or bandages. My "out of pocket expenses" are limited to $5,000 per year so if something catastophic or serious occurs I know what my expenses would be, and I've already saved for it towards the $5,000. After $5,000 I pay nothing. the insurance picks up ALL cost from therapy to doctors to prescriptions and hospitals. It is what is called High Deductible Health Plan and it pays for any catastophic event or ilness over $5,000.
So for about $130 a week, Karen and I are totally covered.

Another upside is that I question the doctor now becuase I am the consumer! although I have yet to refuse what a doctor ordered for me, he knows that I will question him. He recently ordered 2 tests for me that checked for the same thing. I aksed him if he really needed both. He said that because of my family history, he would feel better with both. I completed both...and they both came back "ok". But the point is that if I had "regular" insurance I would have never even questioned him about the need for both.

And, if I ever get to retire, if their is any money left in it, I can use it for whatever.

Much like "energy reform", this bill will have many un-intended consequences. Congress knows well about those little buggers!

We know all about "energy conservation" out here in Nevada. They have been preaching that for a long time here. Our local electric company recently began offering "interest free" loans for you to add a solar water heating system to your house. Not a bad idea on the surface. Las vegas, much like Pahrump and most of Nevada, have been trying to conserve electricity for many years.

The problem comes when the power company gets your payment for your lower electricity use. You save $50 on your normally $200 electric bill. You think "Great"! The power company thinks "Wow! I didn't make enough money last month!" and drives right over to the State Utility Commission and asks for an increase to bring your bill back up to $200! This exact scenario has already played out in Las Vegas. The power company will get their money, that's why they are in business!

So if your in it for the "environment" go for it....and that's an ok reason. But don't think the electric company is doing you any favors trying to lower your bills.



Lauren said...

Interesting post! Healthcare is an issue I feel strongly about too, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the current reform attempts, options, political frustrations, and the type of insurance you two have.

As you might know from reading parts of our blog, we have and are trying to continue to build our own small business working as traditional craftspeople, so our healthcare options aren't exactly the same as yours. This is probably a part of why my opinions on some healthcare-related issues seem to be a little different than yours in some places, but I still always enjoy reading a well-reasoned and thoughtful post on the topic.

So anyways, this sounds a little corny, but... I just wanted to say thanks for sharing, and thanks for being someone who really tries to think things through and look deeper into issues than just the superficial stuff we hear on commercials and sound bites. :-)

Rob said...

I appreciate that. It is an important issue. I support the President where I can. His forign policy ,for example, with regards to the two wars we are involved in I like for the most part. You could easily confuse them for President Bush's policies. I try to argue policies, not politics.

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