Tuesday, May 19, 2009


is vastly different that Las Vegas. What it lack in glitz and glamor, it more than makes up for in other ways. The people there are way more friendly. The night sky offers an amazing view of the stars that you will never get in Vegas. Karen and I stood outside the other night and just took in the stars. It is akin to being in northern michigan, or any rural town in the USA I suppose. It also offers a small town atmosphere. It reminds me, to some extent, of what living in Carleton was like.

At around 30,000 people though, it is MUCH larger than Carleton which came in at about 2,500 people in 2000. When I first moved to Carleton it had only one lonely blinking Red light.

At 25,000 people, Brownstown was the closest in size to Pahrump among the places I have lived. Brownstown is a suburb. A suburb of Detroit to be exact. As such it is full of cookie cutter houses, condos, and apartments. Oh yeah, and trailer parks.
It is typical suburbia in every way. Although it may sound like I didn't like Brownstown, that could not be further from the truth.

Brownstown is my HOME, and always will be. I lived there for over 30 years. Most of my memories are from there. Of course I still refer to myself as being from Detroit for several reasons. There are many people in Michigan who have never heard of Brownstown for one. Plus, people are less likely to mess with you when you tell them you are from Detroit!....lol You call THAT a gun?????.....lol

Anyhow, Pahrump is a larger town that has still managed to retain its small town feeling. The lady at the party store informed us that bags of Ice from her store are available on the "honor system". 24/7 you can come and get ice even if the store is closed! Just leave the money for it, or stop by and pay for it later!!!! They even deliver it for FREE! You can't even get that in Carleton!!!

The big events in town are the rodes held down at the local park near the school. And being that it is only one hour from Death Valley, I will never lack for things to do! Once I finish the house that is, sometime around 2032 I expect.

If all else fails, the whore houses are only 20 miles away.

The buffets out here, as I said before, are pretty good. You do not get the selection you do in Vegas, but for $10 can you really complain? Well you could. After eating at the Sahara for $6, I felt ripped off!!

The buffets in Pahrump are best described as plain, yet with GOOD food. They even serve Hot Dogs! There was an old timer in the buffet that day. He knew the waitresses, the cooks, the bus boys. Seemingly everyone...but us! He was complaining to the manager about the onions that were cut up for the hot dogs. They were close in size to a VW bug. That is way too big. He and the manager were going back and forth about the size. Apparently the manager had never eaten onions on a hot dog.


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