Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this month 28 y/o Las Vegas Police Officer James Manor was killed in a traffic accident while responding to a 911 call for help from a teenage girl who said her father was beating and punching her.

The driver of the other car, Calvin Darling, apparently turned left in front of the officer. The Darling was arrested on one count of DUI and one count of Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

The accident scene was horrendous.

James Manor, a life long resident of Las Vegas, and a married father of a young son, had been on the force for nearly two years.

It has since been determined that the 911 call was a hoax. The female teenager who placed the call was emotionally disturbed and was never assaulted by her father, or anyone else that night.

The DUI charges against Calvin Darling have apparently been dropped, or are in question, because his BAC was well below the legal limit at the time of the accident. He reportedly did fail a field sobriety test that involves tracking eye movements.

There is also questions surrounding whether or not Officer Manor was using his lights and sirens. LVMPD insists he was, while Calvin Darling and some other witness's dispute that. LVMPD says that they can PROVE he was.

Reportedly, the young female, when informed of the death of James Manor responding to her 911 call by her mother, replied with "I'm hungry!"

All the way around a sad and tragic event! While Calvin Darling does bear some responsibility of Officer Manors death, much more blame should fall on the young female who made the bogus 911 call.


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