Tuesday, May 19, 2009


is getting very busy here. We are spending every free moment trying to get our new house into "move in" condition. We quickly realized that, although the house is adobe style,you need A/C or at least a swamp cooler. We had neither. So Saturday we called the A/C guy. He came out and found a hole in the low pressure side of the system. An hour later and $350, it was fixed.I think it was the best $350 I've spent in a long while.

The water heater has also been fixed. The upper heating element was burnt up as seen here:
I replaced both of them since I was already there. $20 for both!

Old dining room light fixture:

New dinning room fixture:

Here is Pooh, Tigger and Carly hanging out at the house. This is just before Tigger stepped on one of those Foxtail seeds AGAIN! I pulled this one out and it was imbedded over an inch into his paw!!! Our yard is full them, so they are no longer allowed free roam of the yard. This one, even though I pulled it, still cost $260 at the vets!

Here is Carly chilling, or more accurately, roasting at the new house:

The house only need a few more things to be "livable". We plan on moving this weekend.

For now I will name our house "the money pit", and from now on HD does NOT stand for Home Depot, but Hundreds of Dollars!!!!!


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