Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I can't hold off

any longer. I've tried not to post too many political post in this blog because it is not really a political blog. I'm sure many of my friends and family probably secretly suspect I voted for Obama.

While I will listen to suggestions about birth certificates, and such I usually dismiss them. At this point, it doesn't matter because you can't change it. It is President Obama...like it or not.
I was also hopfull when he was elected. That hope was misplaced, to my mind.

Firstly, where is the "change?"
I fully supported both wars. In 2008, the country decided it wanted a "change". I accepted it and though...."Ok, lets see where your way gets us...."

Well, on foreign policy, the country got "Bush Lite"
Obamas campaign promises were to:
Close Gitmo.....We will see if it actually closes. Never charged or convicted of a crime you say? Fine, release them, but does it have to be in the USA???

Extraordinary rendition....well, to their credit the Obama administration will only allow ordinary renditions. No longer would the U.S. allow the torturous practice of extra-ordinary renditions.

No more torture. Yet President Obama has left open the window for "Harsh interrogation methods upon his approval.

End the Iraq war. Does anyone really still believe this?? He is not ending it any sooner than Bush would have. And he will still leave troops in Iraq.

His whole foreign policy is nothing but Bush lite.

More to follow....


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