Friday, May 15, 2009


We got our keys!
Today was a busy day!

First off was repairing the water system....or trying to! Its still not 100% yet, but its closer.
This valve was leaking water through it and into an un used water heater. The water heater, in turn, was discharging water out of the top seen here:

I still havent been able to figure out the purpose of this water heater. For now I will bypass it. I replaced the leaky valve, but it was not the only one that was supplying the water heater, not was it the only one leaking water to the heater. I have the parts now to finish it, and will do it on Sat.

The first toilet repair went very well.
Preparing to go in!

Upon removing the toilet, I found paper towels lodged in it.One new wax seal later and it is functioning again.

The move has begun!!!

Here is Pooh relaxing. Carley really seems to like it there. She loves hanging outside and exploring.

My water conservation efforts!!!

We spent about $500 today on STUFF.

Well its been a long day, so I'm off to bed now!


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