Friday, May 29, 2009

Its been quite a week

Last Friday and Saturday we moved into the new house. I truely know why they are called money pits now!!! It has been a great week though. Nothing Vegas has to offer can compare to sitting out in our front yard and watching the sunset while sipping on a drink. Being that it is usually a few degrees coolere here in Pahrump it is even more enjoyable.

We have even had a few visitors like the one pictured below:

We had a long nose snake get into the house. We also have a resident jack rabbit that does not seem to want to leave.

I have gotten used to getting up at 4:30AM for the drive to work while thinking of the evenings out in the yard.

The amount of work to be done is great for sure, but it is ours, so we enjoy it much more.

The trappings of a normal life are begining to surround us again. We have cable and SLOW internet. We have so much work to do though, that it will not matter how slow the internet is for a while. I can upload pictures, and google how to repair things...that should sufice for now.

Some random pictures:
Fire place room


Plumbing leak mitigation

Front room.



Well its been a long day....17.5 hours to be exact....I'm off to bed....


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