Monday, May 11, 2009

Another Day, more STUFF

to Pahrump. On Saturday we went to Pahrump. We dropped off a load, of mostly recently purchased, items at the storage place in Pahrump. One thing I've learned about moving is that, no matter how much stuff you have when you move out, you always seem to come up short on STUFF on the other end. Hence you MUST buy more STUFF. Even if you have boxes and boxes of STUFF in the garage as a back up, its no longer enough. Its like being the kid in the cell phone commercials that doesn't want to use the old roll over minuets on his phone because well....they're...old minuets! The STUFF packed in boxes in the garage is now "OLD STUFF" and cannot be used towards your "STUFF Balance". Hence you come up short.

The only exception is back when I moved to Lincoln Park. That would have been back in 198.... never mind, I can't remember how long ago it was. When I lived mover there with my roommate Jerry Koss, our dogs ate all of our stuff, not the least being...our kitchen table, carpet, mattress, light bulbs. He ate the walls, the floor, and chewed a hole in something on the water heater. Granted we were careless in leaving those items laying around where the dogs could get at them. I don't blame the dogs though, I blame me and my roommate. We were too young to have a dog, let alone two. We could barely take care of ourselves.

Anyhow, when the dogs ran out of STUFF to eat, leaving me with no STUFF, I moved to a house full of STUFF! My parents house!!! Since I'm not out of STUFF, I can't go back there yet!

Oh yea. The pictures.
This is my garage...
Oh, I already showed you that 300 times?...sorry!

The front yard:




Front court yard.



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