Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pooh meets Lindsay Loham

and it just didn't go well!!! IMG_7601We had been wanting to take Pooh to Cactus Joes for a while now. We made it the other day. IMG_7609The sign posted outside says "well behaved dogs on leashes, welcomed!" Pooh fits that bill. IMG_7602So when we took my parents there we took Pooh along also. We didn't think we were going to see Pig at first, but we eventually did find her near her castle.

All was going well until Pooh sniffed Lindsay's She didn't like it one bit.Apparently in pig speak its not the same as "hello" like it is for a dog.
Pooh had not interest in fighting with the pig, he only wnated to escape.....

This little Terrier named "Sideways" because he had brain damage and walked in a sideways direction. Like all the animals there he was on "Death Row" when he came there. In fact, Sideways, was in a comma when he arrived at Cactus Joes.
He didn't care much for Pooh either.

As Pooh was leaving the cat below was following and stalking him on the way out.

All in all we had a great time though. It was quite chilly after we got there because the wind picked up. They had a fire going out in the yad though that helped keep us warm.


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