Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auto vs Manual

Along the lines of the RAW vs JPG argument, and yes there are many arguments over it, there are also arguments over using manual vs auto on your camera. Some people will look down on you for using auto mode, or shooting JPG images. I find this funny. To me there are many times when Auto mode is preferable to manual mode.

Typically you will find my camera in manual mode set to take RAW photographs, but not always. When I am in a situation where the lighting conditions are changing so fast that I would miss a photograph because I was messing with the dials on my camera I will switch to auto in a heartbeat. Examples of this could be sports photography, some nature photography. Often if I am taking wildlife pictures I will be in auto mode because things happen so fast. A bird pops out of nowhere and there is little time to contemplate proper exposure and then change your settings accordingly.

Ofcourse if you are taking pictures of stationary subjects then manual mode is easy to use. So again do not be afraid of either mode. They both have a time and a place.
I would have likely missed this picture had I been in manual mode.


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