Saturday, January 24, 2009

The media

is still in love with President Obama. The headline for an AP story on Yahoo today reads:

Obama breaks from Bush, avoids divisive stands

So if President Obama is so undivisive, it should be easy to tell from his actions thus far.

He has issued executive orders to:
1. End the so called "Mexico City" regulations preventing the US Taxpayer from paying for abortions over seas. Whether you agree with that policy is not the point. His decision to change it is far from un divisive.

2. Close GITMO. Americans are about evenly split on closing this place. Again this goes in the divisive column.

He has already sought to use the $350 billion left in TARP funds. Given that well over 60% of Americans are against these so called bail outs. This is a divisive course of action.

In addition to being divisive thus far, he is also showing he is not going to follow his stated intentions during the campaign....big surprise there.
He has banned torture and required all government agencies to follow the Army Field Manual for interrogations. Yet he has left himself a way to allow harsh interrogations with Presidential approval. When the left figures this out they will not be happy. It is for all intents and purposes, the same policy Bush had.

He made a big deal about not having lobbyists work in the government departments they they once lobbied, and then hired an ex lobbyist and put him in charge of the agency that he recently lobbied for. He called this action a "waiver" The lesson learned is that his rules apply, only when he wants them to!!!


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