Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo Storage

I have been using a Google program called Picasa for quite some time now. Several things make this a great program. I will outline these below:

  • FREE-Always a good thing
  • Basic Editing tools-Inluding color balance, fill light, sharpening, color saturation, cropping and straightening among others. No one will mistake it for Photoshop, but it does give you a good set of basic features to correct most image problems especially since the release of version 3.
  • Easy ability to organize and tag photos.

Picasa is half of what I use. The other half, online hosting, is done by Flickr. Flickr, after much research on my part, wins hands down. For $24 you get unlimmited hosting. In addition, Flicker also has basic editing functions built in.

The great thing about Flicr and Picasa is that, with the download of a small API file, you can integrate Flickr and Picasa. This allows you to up load images from Picasa to Flickr. Even better is that, if you tag your images in Picasa, those tags are imported to Flickr also. This greatly reduces your workload.

Taken together, they are GREAT programs.


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