Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Rio

We went to the Rio to eat at the seafood buffet. At $40 per person it is expensive, but you get all you can eat lobster. Recently the seafood buffet had undergone a renovation. Unfortunately they also renovated(destroyed) the menu. You used to get nice sized whole lobsters. You could easily get a 4-5 inch lobster tail out of one. Ofcourse they also had all of the other typical buffet food like pizza, rice dishes, baked pottatos, ect.This time however they only served what could best be called miniature lobster tails. The biggest one I saw was maybe 2 inches. In addition to that, they were over cooked. No loneger could you get pizza, or baked potatoes, or even fried fish. We were very dissapointed after spending $180 to eat there. Nancy and Karen spoke with the manager and while he did not refund the money(and we didn't ask him to), he did give us four free V.I.P.(no waiting in line) tickets to come back and try it again. He suggested that we try it on a weekend, but he agreed that at $40 it shouldn't matter when you come.


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