Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Vote

In Nevada, unlike Michigan, you can vote early for no reason what so ever. There are voting centers located all over the place. Want to vote at the local grocery store? No problem. Want to vote in the parking lot of Targets as we did yesterday? No problem. The line was a mile long, but fast moving. We waited about 40 mins to vote. All electronic. You could print a record of your vote to make sure it was registered correctly, but you did not get to keep the paper copy. The only thing I didn't like was that they did't want to see my ID although they required Karen to show hers!! Not sure whats up with that.

Like most places, we also had several ballot proposals along with what seemed like 500 non partisan judges running. Who really tracks all of those judges? I skipped them, Karen opted to just randomly pick one if she heard of them before.....not surewhich method is

I tend to vote no on all ballot proposals, but I did find two that I felt I had to vote for this time. The first was a change in the law that would severly limit the governments ability to sieze one's property and give it to another private interest. This is known as "eminent domain" and is SUPPOSED to be used to sieze land from private parties to allow the construction of a highway for example. Increasingly it has been used to sieze private property to give to another private party that the government thinks can make better use of said propery. "It ain't right I tell ya".

The second involved repealing a part of the Nevada Constitution(I think) that required voters to establish residency 6 months prior to voting. While I can understand the reasoning for it, I thought back to when I first moved here and if it had been an election year, I would not have been able to vote. This law is likely un constitutional anyways. I thought it should be repealed.

The other one that I voted against was an increase of 3% in the room tax to go to specifically schools. Although I would likely never pay this tax, schools need to do more with less like everyone else is. More money is not the answer.

The other two I voted no because I didn't really understand them or saw no need for them .


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