Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tommorrow is the day

I have a doctors apointment. Oh wait, thats not is. Actually my 72 hour "cooling off" period will be over. 4PM to be exact. Assuming I pass the FBI backgroung check I will be the proud owner of a brand new Glock 26 9mm.

For the most part I have always had a firearm of some sort in the house. For a long time it was just a 12 guage shot gun. In later years when I was working for a certain company I bought a .357 Taurus revolver, and at one point also had a S&W 4506. Upon moving to Vegas, and being unsure of the gun laws between here and there, I sold it before I left Michigan. .
Rightly or wrongly, gun owners are very afraid of an Obama Presidency.I always intended to purchase a new one in Nevada, but just never got around to it.

On Sunday I went to the gun store and bought a Glock 26 9mm. I plan to get my CCW in the next few months. It costs $100.25 for the permit plus the cost of a certified CCW class that ranges from $60-$150. Most state CCWs are also recognized in Nevada, although if you are in Clark County for more than 24 hours you must register your handgun with the LVMPD(its free). While taking my CCW class here in Vegas I can also apply for a CCW in Utah and Florida. Between the three I would be legal to carry in over 33 states. Since you can't fly with a firearm, I see no point to it though.

Back in Michigan I had what was known as a BHB CCW. That stood for Bank-Home-Bank. It allowed me to carry any time I was on duty including the drive to and from work, in uniform or not. Most employees I worked with had "While on duty and in uniform" restrictions on thier CCWs. Because I did not live in Wayne County, which would not issue a BHB CCW, and instead lived in Monroe County, I was able to easily obtain the BHB CCW. Since then, Michigan has become a "Shall issue" state also so I don't think they even offer BHB CCWs anymore.

Nevada is also a "shall issue" state meaning that they have to prove why you shouldn't be able to carry a gun. In Nevada you do not even have to register your guns....not even handguns.....unless you live in Clark County(Las Vegas) which of course, I do.

The only place you can't carry in Nevada is government building...courts, schools, post office ect. Its even legal to carry in places marked "No Firearms". They can only ask you to leave. Ofcourse if you don't leave, you will be arrested for trespassing.

I selected the Glock 26, also known as a "Baby Glock" because it is small...very small....for a 9mm anyways. Thus they are easy to conceal. They also have, as do all Glocks, have a reputation for reliability. The customers in the gun shop were in, to put it nicely, a frenzy. Rightly or wrongly, gun owners are very afraid of an Obama Presidency. The gun store owner was hyping a 500% tax increase for ammunition that Obama talked about a decade or so ago. The gun show ads out here are hyping that it may be your last chance to buy a gun before Obama takes office. While the prospects of a 500% increase in ammo tax and an oughtright ban on firearms seems extremlty remote, there is little doubt that Obama is anti-gun. I think that he will have so much on his plate that gun control is a long way off. While the prospect of an Obama Presidency did not make me go buy a firearm, it certainly made me do it sooner than I may have otherwise. We will also be getting Karen one. We will have to see if she can handle shooting
the Glock 26 or not.


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