Sunday, November 16, 2008

Buffet update

Moved Southpoint's Garden Buffet to the best buffet in town. For the best value and very good food. Very few things did I try and not like.

I added Sams Town's Firelight Buffet as Pretty Good Buffet. Again a good value and good food.

I added The Sahara's Sharah Buffet as the worst buffet in town. At $6.99 it is cheap yet, upon leaving, you get the sense that you still paid too much. What selection of food they did have, all tasted the same. The pizza tasted like the mashed pottatoes that tasted like the prime rib that tasted like the cheesecake. This could have been ok if whatever that taste was tasted good. It really didn't though.
I suppose that is a bit harsh but I think its true.

That said, it is "food", so if your in Vegas and you need to eat cheap, it can't be beat.


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