Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day 2-Part 2

Here is a couple of shots from Nebraska. Driving east-west through Nebraska makes for a long drive. Its a beautiful state though. Virtually all farmland. It rained for 2-3 hours this morning as we headed east towards Colorado. Karen was suprised at how desolate this part of the country is. She recalled driving to Florida where you were no more than a few miles from a city. Accorging to the GPS at one point we were over 90 miles from any city!

This is a "Modern Art" display at one of the Nebraska rest areas. Though nice, FREE wireless internet, like Iowa has at it's rest areas, is MUCH better! I almost got to meet another of my "clan" members today. He lives in Omaha, but the timing just didn't work out.

Colorado! Very beautiful state. Lots of varying scenery to look at. As we go through the mountains on Friday, I will try to get some good shots of them.

And it is a little windy out here in Colorado. So windy they put these wind socks in the median of the freeway to warn people. As you can see here it is almost maxed out! Very windy. Lots of tumbleweeds blowing over the road. A few of them hit our car.

I love this shot on the left of the train snaking its way up the mountain. I was luck to get it. Karen told me to look. I would have missed it.

This is a Colarado cowgirl out training a horse for something. Maybe breakingit in, I don't know. Hard to see it in this pic but she has another horse, just to her right, that she is leading.

Today we drove from 10AM until about 10PM. We are in Golden Colorado for the night. Time to sleep now........
Signing Out...
Rob & Karen


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