Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Day 5 Part 2(Sunday)

Apparently everything in Utah is big. This is the second one of these we came across. The police were about 1 mile ahead of us coming down the center of the road. As they got closer to us, and we didnt see the semi yet, the police kept edging over into our lane. It quickly became apparent, as he got closer to us edging into our lane head on, that he wanted us off the road. The ifst one we passed was one a much smaller road and you could have almost touched it as it went by.

That Chow mix sent tingles down my spine. You could tell he would just assume have me for dinner.

We also came across some sheep. I'm not real sure which type they are though. Ido know that as we sat there and Pooh and Tigger were barking at them I heard more barking type sounds. I though, man those sheep sound an awful lot like dogs. Then about 5 dogs appeared out from munder the sheep, including some of the most evil looking dogs I've ever seen. While the rest of the sheep and dogs were running this way and that way, unsure what to make of us, the brown Chow mix kept comming right at me and starring at me. I'm glad there was a fence between me and him. I have no doubt that deciding to try and get one of those sheep would have been a life and death decision.

This is one of the "wild" horses we came across. There were about 10 of them all together including two babies.


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