Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 4(Saturday)

Its been 2 days since we had internet. I think my withdrawl symptoms are finally subsiding now. It is again late so this will be a short update. Tonight we are in Henderson Nevada which is about 10 miles south of Las Vegas. More on that later though. After leaving Monticello Utah, we found the snow storm that we thought missed us. About 2" of accumulation but none stuck to the roads so it wasn't too bad. It did prevent us from visiting Natural Bridges National Park because visibility was about 40 feet.

By the way, this is what greeted us upon arriving in Monticello Utah the day before. It was very ominous looking. Not being from Utah and realizing that up in the mountains it is closer to winter than summer, we began to worry. While getting gas we spoke to some locals who said not to worry about it, esp since we were headed down the mountain anyway.

As is often the case on "road trips" you often see some strange things like this. Actually I think he just couldn't afford the aviation fuel for it.

After leaving Monticello Utah we ended up staying at Cameron Trading Post in Cameron Arizona which is on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

On the way to Cameron we came across a fairly impressive sand storm:

It was about 100 feet tall and 25 or so feet wide I think. It crossed the road about 10 feet in front of us but it was dissipated over the road.

Thats it for now. Its 4:41 AM EST or 1:41 AM our time. Were going to bed now. On Monday I will add some more to fill in from Cameron Arizona to Las Vegas(Henderson). We will be here about 3-4 days as we scout around for places to live, and I plan on going to check out a few job prospects in that time also. Tomorrow will be a day of rest for us though. We need it and the dogs need it. We have driven over 2,200 miles since Wednesday and we are pooped.

Signing out...
Rob & Karen


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