Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 3-Part 2

Its been quite a day. Its about 1:11AM EST. Long day of driving, lots of sight seeing. From Colorado this morning we drove through Utah and the Rocky Mountains to Moab and on to Monticello because there was no vacancy in Moab. In Georgetown Colorado we hit a pretty good snow storm. No accumulation, but it was coming down pretty good. Georgetown is a very scenic ski area near Vail Colorado.

This shot is from is from north of Moab Utah on Scenic Way 128. Utah is awesome. The area around Moab is great also. Moab City seemes mostly like a tourist trap, but driving into and out of it is great.

Here is Pooh styling at Copper Mountain Colorado. I don't think I need to say its beautiful there, but it is beautiful there.....Lots of skiing there in the winter. We did see some hickers it seemed to be heading into the busy summer season. Contstruction everywhere. Housing that is. In this picture, the area in fron of Pooh that kinda looks like sand is actually water. I think I over edited it and was too tired to notice the first time around.

Now I'm not sure who was more suprised in this shot, me or the Prarie Dog, if thats what it is. I was taking the flower shots like above near Moab Utah when I heard a noise close to me. I turned with the camera but it wouldnt focus and I thought it was just a stick, until the stick moved. Then I got focus and that was what I saw. He was about 30 feet from me, just posing for shots. I didn't have my 100-400 lens on so this is the best I cold get.

This is somewhere between Vail and Glennwood Colorado.

This is in front of Fisher Tower. More beautiful scenery here. It seems to be getting better and better.

We took over 600 photos today....thank God for digital cameras........
We were driving around Monticello Utah surfing the web from someones wireless network that seems to cover most of the city. Its the same one I'm using now. The hotel, The National 9 Inn, doesn't have internet. Someone does though, so I'm happy. $45 for the night. Cheapest room yet, and you wouldn't know it by looking at it. Very nice, clean and well maintained.

Well this is it for us. We're going to bed now. I'll post some more pics tomorow in the AM. I have a few that you won't believe. I'f I hadn't seen it, I'm not sure I would have believed it. But we not only saw it, I got it on film, so to speak. The picture are not great, but considering we were doing 70 mph and I took them through the window, and I didn't even have the camera on at the time we noticed it, I'm very happy with how they came out. The whole episode lasted only about 10 seconds. I'm too tired to edit and post them tonight, but I will in the morning.

Signing out...
Rob & Karen


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