Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 3

Another day another dollar. Guess I can't say that right now since I am un employed right now.....But that will be fixed shortly. Woke up at 5AM(7AM for all you people in the east). This is a picture from around Denver as we drove into it. Denver is very nice, though like many bigger cities, you have to be careful of where you are at and what is going on around you. We got off one exit and thought we had time warpped to 7-mile and the Lodge in Detroit. Not to knock that area, I worked there for years, I just wouldn't call it "safe".

This is the view behind the hotel we are staaying at in Golden Colorado. Very nice view and nice hotel also. I've tried to talk Karen into going to Pike's Peak, but she will have no part of it. Although I've never heard of anyone driving off the side ofthe mountain, visually it is a bit scary driving some 19,000 feet up on a 2 lane dirt road with no guard rails.

Thats it for now. Getting ready to pack up and hit the road again.....

Rob & Karen


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