Saturday, October 31, 2009

Building 160 Store

It is not much of a name, but it is full of STUFF. If you ever need some extra STUFF, this is the place to go!
None of us really needed anymore STUFF, but we were worried that one day we might wake up and realize that we didn't have enough STUFF. What would the neighbors think??? So we went and bought some more STUFF.

They have all kinds of STUFF here. Good STUFF:

Interesting STUFF:

STUFF you may have never realized you needed living in the middle of a desert:

And STUFF you can't believe they are selling:

Here are some more photos of random STUFF:




Here is Karen, Nana, Papa and Nancy trying to figure out how much STUFF we can fit in our car:

Its like that Thanksgiving song "Alice's Restaurant"....You can get anything you want at Building 160 Store.....


1 comment:

Lauren said...

Hahahaha! This post cracked me up! I think I've heard about the building 160 place from a couple people around town, but have yet to go. I'd love to have a new desk, and we need shelves, tons of shelves. But I'm pretty sure that once we were inside building 160, I'd discover lots of other things we "need" too, lol.

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