Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whats in a name?

Yesterday we went to the Last Chance Saloon & Steakhouse here in Pahrump. We have been trying to find a restaraunt/bar to replace the Copper Keg that we so enjoyed back in Vegas......we haven't found it yet though.

The Last Chance has "ok" food and the prices are reasonable. The bar the is pretty good though! We were not really impressed with them last time, but that happens sometimes, so we thought we would give them a "Last Chance" as it were.

Here we are "belly up" to the bar before dinner feeding the one armed bandits.

Here we are getting ready to sit down and eat.100_0208

I ordered a "Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich" seen below.
They should have called it a boiled bratwurst sandwich instead because if any of it was grilled, you wuoldn't know it.

Mom ordered a BLT. When she got it it was cold. The toast was cold, the bacon was cold. No mayo on it.

Tom ordered a tuna sandwich with cole slaw on the side. He forgot to specify NO FLIES IN MY FOOD! Needless to say, after that most of us lost our appetites.  Now I know that it happens. Most of the time you never even know what bugs are in your food. But the restaurants response was to offer Tom some extra cole slaw after the waitress laughed out an appology. That was it. The manager never came out, no discount was offered. Tom still paid full price for his meal.

At the least Tom's meal should have been FREE. And we shouldn't even have had to ask for it!

So that was their "Last Chance" and it didn't go well for them!

We did enjoy the bar though:
Shots of nasty!


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