Saturday, October 31, 2009

More repairs

My parents worked their butts off while they were here. I would have felt guilty about it if there was a way to have stopped them from doing it, but that would have been impossible.

Since I knew I couldn't stop them from working I had planned a project for them. I needed an 18" trench dug from my elecrical box to my garage. A distance of about 150 feet. Papa said that Nana could only use a shovel that had a 6" handle on it and, wouldn't you know it, I didn't have one so that project never got completed!

They did however fix

  1. 5 broken kitchen drawers
  2. 3 doors
  3. Added an electrical outlet forthe TV.
  4. Replace a GFI breaker with a standard breaker for our washing machine
  5. Fixed the toilet that broke while I was at work.
  6. Added a whole house filter to our water system.

No we were not drinking when we installed We just didn't have enough 90s to make it straight. And yes I do own stock in the company that makes the glue for PVC!!!!! Its not pretty but it doesn't leak and now my washer screen should not get plugged up!!!

I helped with 3,4. Tom and I helped with 6.

Brian also helped to troubleshoot an electrical issue while he was here. Someone drilled a hole in one of our walls and cut the electrical lines. Brian confirmed this by pouring salt water in the hole. I would have never thought to do

I love family reunions. I'm having another one about the time I plan to wire my garage!!!!


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Lauren said...

Parents are awesome!!! :-)

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