Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Shasta

IMG_4337We stopped by the pound the other day.....

I had thought that after losing Tigger we would wait a while to get a new dog. It was not long though before we realized that life without Tigger was too quiet. Too low key. In addition it became apparent, rather quickly, that Carly was lacking someone to play with. She was not herself. She didn't want to go to bed at night and was generally acting depressed, and rightfully so, but we thought she needed someone she could play with. She played with Tigger every day, often several times a day. Pooh doesn't do the play thing too much anymore. He plays with us, and occasionally with Tigger, but that was about it.

So we found ourselves at the Nye County Animal Shelter. It was a very sad sight to say the least. On the bright side though, 2 other puppies we went back to adopt had already been adopted!

There were so many sad sacks in there we almost couldn't stand it. This one dog, an older German Shepard mix, was sitting in its cage. As soon as I walked up to it you could hear its tail smacking on the cold cement.  She had the most beautiful big brown eyes I think I've ever seen. I reached down to pet her and she just instincively rolled over on her back for a belly rub...but I couldn't reach her.

Since moving to Pahrump we have made several donations to the pound in the form of blankets, towels, and toys for the animals. As we were walking down the gauntlet we saw "Shasta" and her pen partner laying on a blanket that we had donated. That was a sign:)

But that old German Shepard was tugging at our hearts. She was soo gentle. Nye county is not a "no kill" shelter and we were very worried about her being put down because she is larger and older. They are often the last to get adopted.

We kept ending up at her cage. As we were reading the info on her we noticed a notethat said "See Incoming RE: Adoption". We asked the worker what it meant and he said he had no idea but he would check. Apparently a lady saw in her what we did and had a note put in her file that she wanted to adopt the dog if it was going to be put down. We were very relieved to say the least.

There was also a Terrier there that I liked very much, but for the wrong reasons. He mannerisms were that of Tigger and looked kinda like Tigger in a strange kind of way with the little beard and all.  I so wanted to take him home but it wouldn't have been fair to him, or to me. Every time I would look at him I would see Tigger instead.

So $85 later we have a new owner!

The shelter said she was a mix between a Heeler:

 and a Beagle:

The Beagle part I can understand, but not the Heeler part. We thought she might be a mix between a Beagle and a Harrier:

which made perfect sense until I read this site. Now I'm not so sure.
It really doesn't matter anyways. She is a little sweethart. She is already potty trained, can sit if she's in the mood, and plays catch. She even had Pooh an Carly playing catch wich is a first. Technically Carly wasnt playing catch though. She would get the tennis balls and hide them becuase they belong to her, as does everything in this house including us!

Can you tell they all just got baths???







Pooh, being a "herding" dog spent the first hour or so trying to "herd" Shasta from every direction! Shasta tolerated this...for a little bit. Then the fight for "alpha dog" began. Carly quickly declared that she was the "ALPHA" and it didn't matter in the least what anyone else



Lauren said...

Congratulations on your new family member! Shasta is beautiful and looks very happy. You're wonderful for going to the shelter to find Carly a playmate. When we were looking for Nikko, we tried the shelter here in town first, but there were no non-shedding dogs there and unfortunately I have allergies.

Rob said...

Thanks. She is a cutie if I do say so myself. I'm probably a little biased though:) This is the first dog we have gotten a dog from a shelter actually. We thought about getting a giant schnauzer...until we saw the $2600 price tag!

Don't feel bad about not getting one from the pound, Nikko needed a home too:)

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