Sunday, October 11, 2009

Its my birthday

well it was a few days ago anyways. We had a cook out with Tom and Betty and Nancy. We also invited Melanie and her husban Bill. She is the nice lady that delivers rocks from Star Nursery here in Pahrump. She also brought her sister Jackie and Bill brought his son, Drew.

We had a great time. I didn't get too many pictures, we none
This is what I got for my birthday though:

And, although Tom is a taxidermist, we didn't get him stuffed, but the resemblance, especially in the face, is striking. Well it seems that way to me anyways.  I will say though that rarely did Tigger's hair cut look "that"

Eventually we will put Tigger's collar on it, but when I ttried to do it last night, Pooh recognizedthe clinking of Tigger's collar tags and began to stare everywhere as if waiting for Tigger to appear. I had to put the collar down.

Carly spent about 5 mins inspecting the statue, sniffing it, and just looking at it. Pooh ignored it, and Shasta barked at it for a bit.

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