Saturday, August 15, 2009

This morning

I actually got to go out and take some photographs. Yesterday when I went to work when I was getting out of the Spring Mountains the was the nicest sun rise I think I'd ever seen. I was hoping to catch one like it this morning. I woke at 4:30AM and left the house by 5:30AM hoping the cards would all fall in place and let me see one like yesterday....sadly it was not to be. I did enjoy getting out to take some photos though.

While this sun rise was nice, yesterday it was spectacular. Yesterday it was just hazy enough that you could look at the sun without squinting yet and it was a dark reddish/orange color! Today, it was just a sun rise.


A big ole raven....

An American Kestrel aka Sparrow hawk...



Not sure what this little guy is. he was the only one that didn't fly away.

A flock of Finches


And when I arrived home I found that Paulie had found an escape path from the house. He was sitting on the wall staring at me!



Lauren said...

You capture such beautiful and interesting pieces of Pahrump on camera - I love your pictures.

There have been a couple people who have contacted me about what Pahrump is like, thinking about moving here, and I've been pointing them to your blog... I hope that's OK.


Rob said...

Thank are very generous....

Feel free to point my blog out to anyone. I thought my readership increased to 6

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