Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Health Care Blues

Because I think "health care refom" is so important I want to blog about it again.
I DO realize that health care is an issue in this country.

One often touted fact is that roughly 47 million people in this country lack health insurance. This fact is true. But lets add some context to this. This does NOT mean there are 47 million people in this country who are denied health care. They DO get health care typically provided at emergency rooms and free health clinics and the such. We , as taxpayers, already pay for this in the form of higher costs for proceedures and higher taxes in the form of government payments to hospitals for the treatments of indigents.

So really, we could solve this problem by insuring the 47 million. I'd say insure the 47 million, minus the 10-20 million illegals in this country.

Those of you that support this plan realize it includes illegals! Every dollar spent treating them is a dollar that will not be spent treating you and your family!

The bill also includes reductions in payments to medicare providers and a "government board" to determine what will and will not be paid for!

Britan has N.I.C.E.which is often described as not being very nice! It is the government agency that decides what treatments are available to whom based on things such as sex and age. A board simmilar to NICE will be comming to the U.S.

For example, if you have advanced breast cancer, you get no treatment. Macular Degeneration? No treatment until you go blind in one eye. Then they will treat your remaining eye.

Recently Paul Krugmen was at a "health care" conference. He asked if there were any Canadians in the audiance. 7 people raised thier hands. He asked if any were "un happy with thier health care?" All 7 raised their hands!!!!



Lauren said...

I wonder... Did Paul Krugman follow that question by asking those Canadians, "So then would you prefer the US's system over your current Canadian system?"

LOL, sorry... just had to toss that in after I read your quote. I can be an antagonist sometimes. ;-P

Rob said...

Well I don't think he did. I bet he wishes he thought of that though.

No need to appologize, I've been known to be a bit of an antagonist myself:)

Mia Caughey said...


I wish you should go to Washington and fight for us all.....
You have a lot of good points on this issue, and I am scared to say that I actually think Obama is going to push this through no matter what, which is going to be devastating for our country. Thanks for all of the posts on this, they keep me informed.

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