Saturday, August 29, 2009

There was

one set of photos I did not post from when I was exploring the BLM land last weekend.

I didn't really want to publish what I saw until it was resolved by BLM and the Nye County Sheriff.

Here are the photos of what I found out there:
I didn't know if they were dangerous or not, but they were definately military munitions of some sort.

Now that they have been removed, I thought it was ok to post about them.

When I called the Nye County Sheriff, who put me through to BLM Law Enforcement, I told them it was probably junk, but I wasn't qualified to determine that. I sent photos to the BLM Officer and gave him directions to find them. It took about 3 days for them to locate them and finally remove them. They told me they were either already fired or training rounds, but that they were happy to get them out of there. The BLM Officer was VERY nice. He called me every single day to give me an update on what was going on, and then called me and told me the final disposition of them after they had been located and removed.


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