Saturday, August 15, 2009

The irony of it all

Apparently the Nye County Commisioners have been changing speed limits in Pahrump for many years. By a simple majority vote they would lower speed limits on certain roads. This of course, is a big money maker for the county. There is only one small problem. They lacked the legal authority to make those changes. As it stands now, the only enforceable speed limit in Pahrump is 25mph on dirt roads and 45mph on paved roads. School zones are still active though. There are many 35mph zones that are more or less just speed traps to generate revenue for the county. The Nye County Sheriff has been quoted by the Pahrump newspaper as sayingthat he regularly dismisses all speeding citations that involve these illegal speed limits. They are in the process of making them legal though, but it will take a long time.


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