Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another correction

After much protest, Britain will now treat Macular Degeneration before you go blind in one eye.

This is a pretty interesting video. At the end it describes how in Canada it can take a month or more to get an MRI.....unless your a cat or a dog. Pets can usually get them same day or next day!

I'd also like to point out again that the Democrats plan on cutting 400-500 billion from Medicare/Medicaid to come up with some of the savings to pay for this reform.
Also when the Democrats say that you can keep your insurance and your doctor they are not telling the truth. I have an Health Saving Account with Catastrophic Insurance Coverage. This type of plan will no longer be available under the reform plan!!! People with Flexible Savings Accounts(FSA) or Health Reimbursement Arrangement(HRA) will no longer be able to participate in those plans.

Also if you currently have employer provided insurance and lose it, you will be FORCED into the public plan or the public exchange by this new reform.


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