Monday, February 2, 2009

More bird spotting

Again on Sunday I went to the Clark County Wetlands Preserve. My purpose was really two fold. After being there Saturday, I wanted to get some more shots of some birds. Secondly, I needed some excersize. As it turned out, I got the latter, but not the former. It was WAY windy on Sunday. Apparently no one told the birds I was coming!! There were very few birds to be seen, but I figure I must have walked about 6 miles. Thts not a small feat considering my camera weighs about 6-7 pounds and my spare tire is about 50 pounds!!!

At the begining of the year I went to the doctors and had blood work done. Although the results were not alarming the doctor said they were "trending" in the wrong direction. He said that losing 20 pounds or so would likely cure or greatly help my issues.

Since that time I am down about 10-12 pounds. I did not do on a diet!!!! I hate diets!!!! But I did change the way I eat....albeit without calling it a diet. I have always watched my wieght. Sometimes I watched it go up, sometimes I watched it go down. Mostly up though:) Since working on "the road", as it were, often leads one to eat at McDonalds or Burger King, I made a habit of brining my lunch with me. Over the last 1.5 years my lunch, everyday, has consisted of an apple and a cheese stick. Thats it. Ok, Ok. Once in a while a pear insted of an apple, but you get the idea.

My problem is not from lunch. It is from eating everything in sight when I get home. For the most part that has now ended. Dinner for me, over the last few weeks has consisted of....a salad!!! Thats it. Sure I still fall off the wagon and eat other stuff, but not like I used to. Whoe knew they put more than one serving of orios in a box?????


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