Sunday, February 8, 2009

And then the rains came.

Between 2 different storms we are in for about 6 days of rain. Last week we were enjoying above average temperatures. We were in the high 60's to low 70's. 60ish is normal for this time of year. All throughout the valley you see this wash or that wash, all of which lead to the Las Vegas Wash that empties into Lake Mead. A wash, for those that do not know, is just like a creek, only bigger, made to channel rain water out of the city.
On Saturday the rains came. The valley got anywhere from .5" to .72" inches of rain. Thats not a lot of rain, unless you live in a valley.

The above chart shows the normal flow of about 250 cubic feet per second through the Las Vegas Wash. On Saturday it rose to 1500 cubic feet per second. The water level in the wash more than doubled.

Lake Mead
This picture is of a wash located in the mountains near Lake Mead. Many of the washes are used for recreation when it is not raining. Case in point, the Clark County Wetlands Preserve is built right next to the Las Vegas wash.

So my job was clear....
I had to go to the Las Vegas wash..... Normally the creek above has very little water in it. Today, it runneth over.

The wetlands preserve has a sidewalk that runs the outside of the park. The water in this photo is about 6" deep. 30 mins later on my return trip it was about 10" deep.
And flowing very swiftly.

Here is a pair of Black Capped Night Herons waiting out the flood. I wish I would have had my 100-400 lens that day, but I didn't.

A flock of birds waiting out the flood.

The bridge that crosses the wash.

A closer view of it.

Last week you could see right through the water, not today!

A lonely cloud.

On my way out now.

This flood was from Aug 2008!


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