Monday, March 2, 2009

A small world

Most of my photographs do not even get processed out of RAW format. Fewer make it to Flickr, and even fewer make it on to the blog. Below is one of the photos that made it to Flickr because police car pictures are popular on Flickr, but not on to my blog.
This was taken on Saturday on our way to Ash Meadows. Today I met this guy up close and personal. I was sent out to one of our customers located way out in the mountains east of Las Vegas. Its about a 40 min drive once you leave the city. Twisting, turning mountain roads. No phone service. No contact with dispatch. Its a beautiful drive. All along you see 18 wheelers hauling product out of this plant on those same twisting, turning 1 lane roads. at a certain point you take a road that veers off to the left. It becomes even more twisting and turning.

Right there he was sitting blocking the road I needed to go on. He wouldn't let me by as an 18 wheeler had flipped over blocking the road. Turns out he is a police cadet, not a cop. Anyways, he said I could take the other way in on Apex road way on the north side of North Las Vegas. It would make my travel time from there be about an hour or an hour and a half. It was nice. An hour of "windshield" time, and no work!!!!


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