Tuesday, March 3, 2009


the molester Stiles was found guilty on 22 charges today. 21 carry life sentences. Unless you live in the Vegas Valley you may not know of Chester.

He molested young children ranging in age from 2 y/o to 6 y/o. Luckily for us, I guess, he videotaped his assaults. That video was found by Darrin Tuck in the middle of the desert near the city of Pahrump. Darrin apparently kept and watched the video for a while, eventually, after a while, when he got around to it, turning it over to police. Las Vegas Metro launched a manhunt for the survivalist Chester Stiles. Darrin, second photo, is now also facing child pornography charges. Chester was eventually arrested in the city of Henderson at the intersection of Green Valley Parkway and Sunset, only a few miles from our house.
He was pulled over for driving a car with no plate on it. By the way, that is a common practice here in the Valley. I see many, many cars with no plates on them. He told the police his name and who he was. He said he was tired of running.


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