Monday, March 2, 2009

Its really, really

disgusting. After pouring in more than $150 BILLION dollars into AIG, we are now giving them another $30 BILLION. We are quickly going to reach the $.5 TRILLION dollars to just one company!!!!! LET THEM FAIL!!!! After giving them $150 BILLION, they report a $64 BILLION dollar loss, and we give them another $30 BILLION. where does it end????? $.5 TRILLION, a cool TRILLION????? FUCK'em, we can't be any worse off if they fail. They need to pay the price for their stupid decision!!!! God knows the working stiff is. Recently a lady who had refinanced or bought a house in one of those exotic home loans acknowledged that she got into a mortgage that she didn't understand. She also acknowledged that it was her fault for entering something she didn't fully understand and accepted the consequences, mainly loosing her home. But, she asked, why are all of these so called "financial" firms, not reaping what they sowed when they got into financial arrangements that they did not fully comprehend????
Simply, they are being bailed out by the government!!!! The individual suffers the consequences of their poor choices, as they should, but companies do not have to??? We are bailing out these companies for their mistakes, yet the CEOs keep their jobs????


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