Sunday, August 3, 2008

Clark County Wetlands Preserve

On Saturday Karen and I decided to scope out the eastern side of Vegas. I kind of also wanted to see if I could locate the C.C. Wetlands Preserve. I knew it was off of Tropicana, but I wasn't sure where. We eventually found it and decided that neither of us were ready to go hiking at that time as it was in the afternoon and very hot out. On the way though, we did discover something that we have not seen in Vegas before, a party store:
Karen asked the clerk about the lack of party stores in Vegas and she asked us what part of town we lived in. When Karen told her she laughed and said you wouldn't find any in that part of town.....

We continued on that day to Lake Las Vegas. Lake Las Vegas has recently filed for Bankruptcy with bedts estimated at between 500 million and 1 billion dollars.




Sunday I finally made it out the the Clark County Wetlands Preserve. I must say it is a pretty nice park. I spent about 2 hours out there. About 11AM it just became too hot!

As shown below the park is in the middle of renovation:

It somewhat reminded me of Crosswinds Marsh back in Michigan, albeit much smaller.

It is actually part of the Las Vegas Wash. It was created to help control and clean the water that comes through the wash:

This is a Great Egret flying and in the backgroud is what I believe to be a Snowy Egret:

Below is a Great Egret just about to land:

Here is a Blue Heron and the Great Egret.

Here are some Glossy Ibis landing in the mash area:

Here is a closer shot of the Blue Heron:

I really only explored about half of the park. There are quite a few trails available, most of which I missed this time.

I also spotted a hummmingbird, many swallows, and some sort of raptor/bird of prey that was greyish in color. I was un able to get pictures of any of them.


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