Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stardate 62112.9

The Star Trek Experience at the Hilton is closing Sept 1st (Stardate 62134.8)because they can not settle on a new contract. Despite the fact that it has been one of the longest running , most profitable shows in Vegas. Well ok, its not really a "show", but still. I had been planning on going but at $33 a person for Nevada residents it is a bit pricey. Its not that we couldn't afford to go, it was a question of value for the money. But since it is closing AND because sent us the money to go(thanks Betty) we are going to go today. I've always been a Trekkie at heart. Although a bit dated by todays standards, I still enjoy the original Star Trek series and to a greater degree Star Trek TNG. Soon our landing party will be departing for the surface of the Hilton Resort located on the planet Earth. I will be posting holographic images from our trip to the surface.


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