Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time to find another job....

Karen is working at
1. Bed and Bath
2. Lane Bryant
She was also hired at the Jocky store last week and will start there in about a week.
The managaer at the Coach store asked her to come work for him.
Tonight while getting ready for work at Bed and Bath, the M & M store called her to come in for an interview, and they pay the highest so far. Its not too bad when you get to pick and choose the jobs you want.
We did see an add for jobs at "In & Out", which is a burger joint, for $10/hour which seems pretty good for flipping burgers. I think Karen is more suited to working retail that slaving in a hot kitchen all day though.

I need another job now so she isn't beating me. Especially since it has been soooo slow at my work this week. I have yet to get in 8 hours on any day this week. If that keeps up Karen will have to get a fourth All kiding aside, thats just the way this job goes. Next week we will not be able to keep up. We do have a guy going on vacation so that should help some. In addition we have just gotten another large fleet account so that should help some too. Its been my experience that we get a slow week(though never THIS slow) and then get slammed for the next month.


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