Thursday, August 28, 2008

I thought this was funny!


A sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and as I read it, realization of a basic truth came to me. So simple! So obvious we couldn't see it! Professor Leo Martin of Hiawatha Electric Division had discovered how electronic circuits really work. He says that smoke is the real thing that makes electric circuits work because every time you let the smoke out of the circuit, it quits working. He claims to have verified this fact with thorough laboratory testing.
I was flabbergasted! Of course! Smoke makes all things that are electronic work. Remember the last time smoke escaped from a capacitor? Didn't it quit working? I sat and smiled like an idiot as more of the facts became apparent. I remembered when I had witnessed the awful destruction of an EV-1 transformer. The transformer leaked out so much smoke that it cracked and stopped working.
Yes, I now know that Leo's theory is in fact truth. It's the conductor that carries the smoke from one electronic device to the next. It begins with the battery charger which pumps smoke into the battery. The smoke is then sent to the lift truck via the heavy power cables. The lift truck requires large amounts of smoke to operate, this is why the conductors cables are so large. If these cables spring a leak, it lets the smoke out and the lift truck will stop working.

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