Saturday, June 14, 2008

We are off

to the Grand Canyon today. Last night we went to Fremont Street and had a great time. Tonight they had a guy doing interviews with the visitors to Fremont Street. I have not seen that before and it was kinda cool. The real funny part was how it ended. The comic, the guy in the light blue shirt had on video tech with him and they were trying to end their show but there were many people standing in line waiting to be interviewed and they just kept coming at him and he just couldn't find the right time to break it off.

Jun_5_2008 052
This guy was in the Army and said he was going to drink the whole 40oz at one shot on camera! He ended up only drinking about 1/3 of it, but he put up a good effort!

Jun_5_2008 057
Here you can see the live feed being displayed on the large overhead screen.

Jun_5_2008 072
This lady would only say that she worked for the State of Texas.

Jun_5_2008 068
While it is a piss poor picture, you can see Sarah on the big screen here!

While doing an interview we heard the video tech guy start yelling "No! No! Get away from that!" Then it was lights out!!! The video feed and all of the lights they were using instantly shut off! Everyone turned to look at who the tech was yelling at and up comes this head with one of the drunkest people I've seen in a loooong time! He, barely, makes it to his feet and then starts to walk/fall to his left. He never did actually fall, but you couldn't really call it walking either!!! He tripped of the the cord and shut the whole show down. It was quite funny. Below you can see Sarah helping the drunk guy's freind escort him out of the area. He had puked all over himself and was drooling! All I could think was "I'm glad it wasn't me!!!!" Karen reminded me that I've been there and done that the last time my parents were out!!
Jun_5_2008 078

Then there was this drunk guy who was also puking all over himself.
Jun_5_2008 090 Even the Fremont Security guards were trying to help his girlfriend/wife get him cleaned up and sobered up enough to walk out. They were bringing the girls out napkin to clean the puke off of him and were helping them fan him to try to cool him off a bit. Then it all turned ugly. He became very agitated and was trying to fight with the guards. He had 3 female companions with him who struggled to drag him away from the area. The guards, to their credit, realized that the best thing they could do to ease the situation was to back off a bit. They didn't leave but just stepped back a bit out of the drunk guys "tunnel vision" and allowed his companions to struggle to get him out. All in all it was a great time though.
Keep this in mind though if you ever come here. Mom was in a store shopping when she saw a lady drop a $100 bill on the floor and before she could say anything the security guard walked up and pocketed the money! Mom was unsure what to do but finally decided to tell the Fremont Security guards about it but they said they couldn't do anything about it. We also saw another lady drop $100 dollar bill and a guy standing on the side of the street drinking a beer picked it up and ran after her and gave it you just never know!


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