Saturday, June 21, 2008

Now for the good stuff

Jun_21_2008 058
Dad's girlfriend was walking by as we were taking a break. Mom and Karen were in the Casino gambling. We were standing outside the entrerance. Along comes the same girl that propositioned dad last year to make him smile a long time for a dollar. She passed through the hundreds of other people there and stopped at dad and asked him if he wanted to buy her ring. It was a good deal too. She said it was worth $5,000 but she would sell it to dad for only $500....what a bargain!!!

Jun_21_2008 059
Later while still walking about the casino, the young woman on the right had commented on my camera. She and her friend(they were from Alberta Canada) asked me to take their picture. Well, even though I knew it was not allowed, it was like putting a drink in front of a recovering alchololic, I couldn't resist. I don't think the camera was finished processing the photograph before security descended upon me! "Excuse me sir" he started...he went on to explain that photography is not allowed where I was. He was very nice about it though, so it was all good. I hope you ladies enjoey yourselves here in Vegas and come back soon!


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